Heron Watch 2006

Another exciting Heron Watch season ended with our final program at Stow Lake on May 20th.

The 2006 season surpassed any other year in our 13 year study. Six nests on Heron Island accounted for a record 16 chicks. The first four nests produced Ten chicks-- and two late nests produced three chicks each. 2005 resulted in four nests and ten fledglings. A grand total of 97 birds have fledged on Heron Island since 1993!

Please enjoy the following photo essay taken by San Francisco Nature Education's good friends, wildlife photographers Jim Sullivan and Jesse Krider. Captions are provided by San Francisco Nature Education director, Nancy DeStefanis.

"Heron Island" Colony 2006
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two great blue herons in nest
Photo by Jesse Krider

One chick and one adult great blue herons in nest

Photo by Jim Sullivan