Activities for Home and in the Classroom:

Activity #1

  • 1) Draw a Great Blue Heron flying or two adult Great Blue Herons courting and color in the gold beak, grey wedding plumes etc. on an 8-1/2 by 11 piece of paper.


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  • 2) Draw a timeline of the great blue heron breeding season using Life cycle of the Great Blue heron.

  • 3) Write a report on the Great Blue Heron and include the following:

    • What type of nest does the heron make?

    • What is the diet of the great blue heron?

    • What is the heron's habitat?

    • What kind of beak does the heron have?

    • Name the predators of the great blue heron.

    • What is special about the great blue heron?

Activity #2

Click here to download the Heron Word Search.